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Bioimaging device (MEMS-DM)


We implement new MEMS (Micro Electromechanical Systems) with small size and high performance as a key technology to obtain biological information for innovative diagnostic imaging modalities such as an optical coherence tomography (OCT) and an atomic magnetic resonance MR imaging (MRI). The new MEMS is realized using our core competencies such as micro and nanometer scale fabrication technology, gas sealing and packaging technology, deposition of piezoelectric thin film material and optimum device design technology.


Osamu Tabata Graduate School of Engineering Professor [Laboratory]
Toshiyuki Tsuchiya Graduate School of Engineering, Associate Professor [Laboratory]
Kazuhiro Izui Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Takayuki Yamada Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Yoshikazu Hirai Graduate School of Engineering,Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Vijay Kumar Singh Graduate School of Engineering, Program-Specific Researcher [Laboratory]
Miri Okino Graduate School of Engineering, Assistant Research Staff [Laboratory]