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Image diagnosis systems (IIIM)

Computer Aided Diagnosis System

The target of our research group is to implement a computer aided diagnosis (CAD) system to increase the accuracy of clinical image diagnosis and to reduce radiologists’ workload. To implement the system, we are investigating diagnostic process by radiologists, as well as developing image processing techniques and decision support systems. Our group has successfully developed a new storage system for a huge amount of three dimensional image data, which are indispensable for our research. This system has high throughput at loading data, search capability, facility for research, and has been operating for more than three years, which has resulted in more than 70TB of stored data. We are currently working on technological developments to implement an integrated computer aided diagnosis (CAD) and reporting system. To develop a prototype, we are now focusing on diagnosis of pulmonary nodules in CT. To infer diagnosis, this system uses not only image features calculated with image processing techniques, but also findings by radiologists, laboratory data, patient history and so on. To assist radiologists, this system indicates inferred diagnoses, reasons for each diagnosis, as well as automates writing reports. We believe that the application of this system will have a strong impact on diagnostic imaging in the future.

Automatic segmentation of three dimensional regions of pulmonary nodules, and feature analysis of the regions.


Kaori Togashi Graduate School of Medicine, Professor [Laboratory]
Naozo Sugimoto Graduate School of Medicine, Professor [Laboratory]
Hiroyoshi Isoda Graduate School of Medicine, Associate Professor [Laboratory]
Hiroyuki Sekiguchi Graduate School of Medicine, Program-Specific Senior Lecturer [Laboratory]
Takeshi Kubo Kyoto University Hospital, Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Shotaro Kanao Kyoto University Hospital, Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Masako Kataoka Kyoto University Hospital, Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Masahiro Yakami Kyoto University Hospital, Program-Specific Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Kiyomi Kato Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Research Staff [Laboratory]
Yoshihisa Nakano Higashiomicity Notogawa Hospital, the department of radiology [Laboratory]
Yutaka Emoto Kyoto College of Medical Science, Professor [Laboratory]
Akinobu Shimizu Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Professor [Laboratory]
Koji Sakai Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Associate Professor [Laboratory]
Ryo Sakamoto John Hopkins University, Postdoctoral Fellow [Laboratory]
Susumu Mori Anatomy Works [Laboratory]