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Ultrasonud and photoacoustic Imaging (US/PAT)

Through the research and development of novel ultrasound-based technologies with excellent features such as non-invasive, real-time, compact and easy-to-use, the group aims to improve technologies supporting early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, arteriosclerosis and other lifestyle-related diseases, and respond to social needs by improving QOL for individuals and reducing medical expenses.
In particular, we will develop novel ultrasound probe with wide bandwidth and high flexibility, novel beam forming methods and sophisticated image reconstruction algorithms. In this way, we intend to overcome weaknesses of conventional ultrasonographic equipment such as dependence on the skill of the operator, the small imaging area, low reproducibility between individuals and histories, as well as gain new diagnostic information on tissue characteristics and functions such as tissue viscoelasticity and higher-order myocardial strain for improving diagnostic accuracy.
We are also investigating a novel technology by integration of ultrasound and optical imaging and started a clinical study of photoacoustic mammography (PAM) which enables us to visualize a neovascular network of cancer. In addition, we are continuing to seek relevant technologies, such as medical image fusion of ultrasound and MRI and molecular probe applied to these imaging modalities.

Ultra-high resolution vascular imaging


Tsuyoshi Shiina Graduate School of Medicine, Professor [Laboratory]
Toru Sato Graduate School of Informatics, Professor [Laboratory]
Masakazu Toi Graduate School of Medicine, Professor [Laboratory]
Yasufumi Asao Graduate School of Medicine, Specially Appointed Associate Professor [Laboratory]
Makoto Yamakawa Graduate School of Medicine, Program-Specific Associate Professor [Laboratory]
Takeshi Namita Graduate School of Medicine Program-Specific Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Masahiro Takada Kyoto University Hospital, Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Kengo Kondo Graduate School of Medicine, Program-Specific Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Masao Kawashima University of Oxford, Visiting Researcher [Laboratory]
Masahito Ogura Kyoto University Hospital, Program-Specific Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Yasuhiro Nakajima Kyoto University Hospital,Program-Specific Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Fakhrejahani Elham Graduate School of Medicine, Program-Specific Researcher [Laboratory]
Nobuko Kawaguchi Kyoto University Hospital, Program-Specific Researcher [Laboratory]
Naoko Kijima Graduate School of Medicine, Assistant Research Staff [Laboratory]
Shin-ichiro Umemura Tohoku University, Professor [Laboratory]
Toshiyuki Kitai Kishiwada City Hospital, Chief Surgeon [Laboratory]
Motoi Kudo Shiga University of Medical Science, Professor [Laboratory]
Takuya Sakamoto University of Hyogo, Associate Professor [Laboratory]
Kousuke Taki Shiga University of Medical Science, Assistant Professor [Laboratory]
Hirofumi Taki Tohoku University, Senior Lecturer [Laboratory]