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Mission statement

Mission Statement

[3rd Year]
Strengthen system restructuring required for the advanced interdisciplinary innovations. Create lead components for molecular probes and bioimaging devices on the basis of new principles and imaging technologies.

[7th Year]
[1] We conduct a clinical trial using a prototype of retinal photonic imaging (OCT/SLO) and perform product assessment.
[2] Establish the higher functions and characteristics of imaging component technologies and create a prototype plotter to perform mammary gland examination using ultrasonic waves (US/PAT).
[3] We improve the sensitivity of atomic magnetometers (AMMs) and fabricate compact module-type AMMs. In addition, we detect bio-magnetic signals and MR signals in ultra-low magnetic fields.

[10th Year]
[1] On OCT/SLO, we aim to integrate IIIM and turn the OCT equipment built with new functions and SLO equipment into products.
[2] On US/PAT, we aim to complete and turn the integrated image diagnosis system plotter into a new theory/multi-modality product.
[3] On AMM/MRI, we aim to fabricate a fused system to detect multiple bio-magnetic signals with ultra-sensitive AMM modules.
[4]We develop a useful molecular probe in line with a new modality theory and create multiple types of molecular probes that can proceed to pre-clinical trials.

[After Project Ends]
[1] We continue to expand functions for converting accomplishments in basic science into industrial applications as a base for medical engineering fusion and industry-academia research.
[2] We foster the development of talent that can open up leading fields and turn out personnel in great numbers for industry and medical institutions as an education center for medical engineering interdisciplinary research in collaboration with clinical sites.