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Translational research (TR)

2010年1月29日 金曜日

The Translational Research group will help to make efficient plans for clinical research and trials to confirm […]

Image diagnosis systems (IIIM)

2010年1月29日 金曜日

Computer Aided Diagnosis System The target of our research group is to implement a computer aided diagnosis (C […]

Bioimaging device (MEMS-DM)

2010年1月29日 金曜日

We implement new MEMS (Micro Electromechanical Systems) with small size and high performance as a key technolo […]

Molecular probe

2010年1月29日 金曜日

Development of innovative molecular probes The goal of this group is development of innovative molecular probe […]

Atomic magnetic sensing/MR imaging (AMM/MRI)

2010年1月29日 金曜日

While the main aim of the project is to deliver new innovations in highperformance diagnostic systems, based o […]

Ultrasonud and photoacoustic Imaging (US/PAT)

2010年1月29日 金曜日

Through the research and development of novel ultrasound-based technologies with excellent features such as no […]

Retinal photonic imaging (OCT/SLO)

2010年1月29日 金曜日

The research group’s breakthrough in OCT (optical coherence tomography) giving further improvements in resolut […]